Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Babywearing Black Friday...

Black Friday and Babywearing!
Getting up early and going shopping on Black Friday is our favorite start to the Holiday season, Elias even loves it! This year we decided that we were going to get up at 6am and leisurely get ready and go to 3 stores. We'll that all changed...Simon was WIDE awake at 3:45 so I got up with him, by 4:45 Gabbi and Elias had joined us. We decided to just get ready and headed out armed with a ERGObaby and a hiking backpack! The twins had so much fun!

 My husband carried Simon in the backpack.
What a awesome Daddy my boys have!!!

I carried Gab on the front in the ERGO

Gabbi loves shopping with her Mama!

She loves her ERGO too!

We were stopped many times by people saying 'what a good Idea to use babycarriers' The twins happily waved and said hi to almost everyone they saw because they felt safe being so close. Gabbi even feel asleep. I am pleased to say that this Black Friday was fantastic. We got everything we set out to get, waited in lines no longer than 15minutes, drank Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's and ended the night having dinner with wonderful friends!! The only bummer was out of ALL the people, I saw many upset babies in their strollers, and only 1 young women with her baby in a Moby wrap. I hoped to see more babywearing mama's and papa's...maybe next year!

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  1. I didn't shop on Black Friday, but I always wear my babe when I shop. Soooo much more fun, not to mention easier. I went for a walk with my in-laws Saturday and everyone wanted to know where the stroller was. I said, "What stroller? I have an Ergo!"