Saturday, October 29, 2011


Pinterest you make me hungry!
From my YUMMY board -

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this...I think this will just be a 'no reason' treat! For more info click HERE!

 I'm thinking about doing this for my mama's bday!! For more info click HERE!

 Ummm YES PLEASE!! These will be a hit in my house! For more info click HERE!

 Peanut Butter Cups! Enough said :) For more info click HERE!

I'm making this for my hubby's birthday! I love the rich color of the blue! For more info click HERE!

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Friday, October 28, 2011


Another Day with Pinterest!
From My KIDLINS board -

I am completely in love with this! I think my kids would adore it as well! For more info click HERE!

 This would be perfect for school time and lunch time! For more info click HERE!

 YES! My Boys NEED this! For more info click HERE!

 Awww! So Cute! My little miss would have so much fun! For more info click HERE!

And...the perfect addition to the little Kitchen and the big Kitchen!! For more info click HERE!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


A cool fall day, what should I do? How about Pinterest!!!
From my CRAFTYNESS board -

I love this! For more info click HERE!

My Kids love these! For more info click HERE!

I think this would be fun to do with my oldest! For more info click HERE!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I NEED this in my living room! For more info click HERE!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Book Review - Three Cups

Three Cups is a beautiful book, written for children, teaching them how to save, spend and give. The idea behind the book is that it instills in children good money habits from a young age.

The story  follows a young boy who was given three cups by his parents on his fifth birthday, one for saving, one for spending and one for giving. His parents tell him that the cups with take him on wonderful adventures! As he is given his allowance each week he equally splits the money between the three cups. After a period of time his mother takes him to open a bank savings account to put the money from the savings cup in -"Adventure!" The boy wants to buy a baseball mitt, but doesn't have enough, so he saves and is able to buy what HE wants - "Adventure!"  He then goes on to donate his giving money, the boy is blessed as he see how happy the people are the recipients of the donation - "Adventure"  This continues as the boy grows and as he becomes 18 the reader can see what he puts his bank savings money towards.

This book was perfect for my 6 year old son, we already implement the 3 cups, but he loved being able to what another boy did! It was inspiring to his little heart!

At the back of the book there is also some guidance for parents who want to integrate the three cup method into their family.

Authors Tony Townsley and Mark St. Germain have written a fabulous book that will introduce kids to saving, spending and giving. We live in a part of the world where kids want all the time, and often get without having to save up their own money. I know my own kids seem to think that money grows on trees! By introducing the concept to them that they can save money, spend some and give some away, at a young age, will stand them in good stead for the future.

The publisher does not give an age range for this book, However, Amazon advertises it for children 4-8 years old. I honestly would consider this a all ages book, perfect for reading aloud to your children, for new readers to read on their own, children will enjoy the beautifully illustrated pages. First, my husband and I read this book, and absolutely loved it!  My 6 year old loved it and my 2 year old twins sat and listened, did understand quite a bit!  The book is 32 pages and I think it is pretty perfect.

ALSNS Grade - A+
My Kids Grade - AA++
ALSNS highly recommends this book!

From the Publisher:
Teaching children how to save, spend, and be charitable can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

All parents want to teach their children good money habits from an early age. Many start by giving them an allowance. But it's equally important to teach children a positive, generous attitude as they learn to use money responsibly.

Filled with warm, memorable illustrations by award-winning painter, April Willy, Three Cups is the story of one family's unique and effective method of teaching personal financial management-and how one boy reaped first the small, then the immeasurably great rewards of the lessons he learned.

Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (March 1, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979456304
ISBN-13: 978-0979456305

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantastic Fall BabyLegs {Review and Giveaway!} CLOSDED

I am completely thrilled to have yet a another opportunity to share BabyLegs with you!! My BabyLegs sample pack arrived yesterday! This could not have come at a better time, It's almost November and getting really, REALLY cold! Oh yeah, and it's Potty Training Time!!

I have this game we play - The potty game. I set the timer for ever 15-30 minutes (depending on if they did or did not go)

Like I said above it's cold, and I need to keep my little Twinbees warm. Getting fully dressed is just not going to happen, we often reach the potty in the nick of time!

ALSNS Potty Training outfit:
To keep my little Twinbees warm while potty training in the fall/winter, I have been putting them in Sweatshirts, Robeez Boots, and BABYLEGS.
More pictures to follow! I just wanted to get this up asap! :)

I love my BabyLegs. They have the same effect of pants...but are soooooo much easier when I hear that timer ringing. Please lets be honest BabyLegs are far cuter than most sweatpants!!

When trying this system without BabyLegs and just letting them wear pants, I'll be honest, there was a lot of frustration, the little Twinbees would be frustrated because they have a hard time getting their pants off. I would get frustrated because I would have a hard time getting them undressed, their pant let would get hung up on their Roobeez and often it would cause a missed opportunity to go on the potty...ugh...frustration!
So, now when I hear the timer ringing for the all to familiar "Mommy, I need to potty" my little Twinbees can quickly and easily remove their diapers and GO POTTY! They don't have to deal with anything else, and potty time is becoming quite the breeze!

That's not all BabyLegs are good for! I often use mine as extra warmth for the kiddos legs under sweats, pants, and Jean (and skirts for my little miss) and on their arms, under both tee shirts and long sleeve shirts. I do this for all three...yes even my six year old is often sporting a pair of BabyLegs.

Check out another way that BabyLegs can be worn!

This was his Idea! He love BabyLegs and wanted to wear them over his shin guards for soccer!

Given the choice all three Kiddos will happily wear BabyLegs...and often I hear giggling from the Twinbees room...they have gotten into the BabyLegs and have two or three pairs of "Socks Mommy" on their legs...and arms! They are always very proud!

My BabyLegs:

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Scandia Leg Warmers
I LOVE these! I love the designs, the feel, I love that they have the ski lodge look!

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Keepsake Leg Warmers
I love the colors in these, so sweet! I adore that they are gray...I LOVE gray!

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Shawl Leg Warmers
There are for sure going to be some of my favorites! I love the stripes and the adorable little bottom ruffle!

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Honeycomb
These are just too cute! I love the big bright flowers! They will be the perfect addition the adorable Navy Blue ruffle swearter I just got my little miss!
*Honeycomb is currently not availible through the BabyLegs website

I would love to add to our collection...among others...OK, all the others!
The BabyLegs Rocks Collection and The Hello Kitty Collection 
It is safe to say that with the versatility of BabyLegs that I am a fan for life! You will be too!

New to BabyLegs?
Here's what You Need to Know:

  • One Size fits Most! Can be worn on legs from ages 0-10 years old, and from 0-100 will love them
  • Makes Diaper Changes easy! They make Diaper changes on the twins so fast, not messing with tights or pants!
  • Protection for crawlers! When my Little ones started crawling, they always had red little knees. But, with BabyLegs I didn't have to worry about little red knees, they can crawls on any surface and I know their little knees are protected!!! Even in our front yard where we have lava rocks! 
  • Versatile Fashion for both boys, girls, and adults! There is a huge selection of patterns and styles perfect for Babies, Kids and Adult, they even have Newborn size! The hardest part of BabyLegs is deciding what to get!!  
  • Keep em' Warm! Perfect for little ones legs and arms! 5 year old loves his BabyLegs with shorts. The kiddos all have been wearing the BabyLegs on their arms, and they look so CUTE! 

Buy Them: You can purchase BabyLegs products from their website!
The leg warmers start at $12, socks at $10, and tights at $16. They make the perfect gift for Babyshowers and birthdays! Also I can tell you they are a fantastic stocking stuffer!

Win some: One very lucky A Little Sugar n' Spice reader is going to win a BabyLegs Grab Bag full of BabyLegs and you will get to choose the theme: Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral, and the size! This grab bag is worth $50.00...AWESOME!!!

I would like to give a big shout out "THANK YOU!!" to Casey at BabyLegs! Thank you so much for this great giveaway!

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Extra Entries:
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This is just something new I am trying out! I will be sure to count ALL completed tasks weather it was in 5 comments or in 1!!!!


BabyLegs Giveaway will run from Friday October 21, 2011 until 6 p.m pst Wednesday October 26, 2011
Winner will be selected by

Winner will be announced by 9pm pst 10/26/2011

Winner will be chosen using, The winner will be announced on the blog, emailed, and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Although I was sent a number of different styles of BabyLegs for review purposes, I was not paid/enticed to write a positive review for this product, all opinions are expressed are 100% my own! You may view my full disclosure policy, HERE.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Review - A Vision of Lucy

I completely loved A Vision of Lucy by Margaret Brownley! Such a wonderful story in the Rocky Creek Romance series! Taking Place in 1882, in Rocky Creek, TX - A Vision of Lucy is about Lucy Fairbanks, a young lady who has a passion for photography. I loved Lucy from the very first paragraphy! She longs to do something important with her talent as a photographer! Then there is the hero David, I  adored/fell in love with him from the beginning. He is a quiet, rustic man who lives with  emotinaol pain and is struggling with what to do about the past that is haunting him. Lucy and David meet and the truths they discover will forever change their lives and the lives of others!

I couldn't get enough of this wonderful book, I could barely put it down and when I did I found my mind wondering off wondering what was going to happen next! Margaret Brownley does such an amazing job with connecting the reader to the plot and to the characters. The plot was very different than what I thought it was going to be and I never wanted to put the book down. The characters were all fantastic! I loved the way that each chaper is started with a fun little quote - I found my self laughing outload many times!

Chaper Two-
"Never say "Shoot" when you mean "photograph" especially when talking to a trigger - happy gunslinger."

Chaper Twenty - One-
"A man imagines himself more handsome then his photograph; a women believes herself more homely."

My favorite character was David. - the half breed (half white man - half indian) this is near and dear, at the same time the story takes place, and in the same state of Texas my Great Grandmother (a half breed) married my Great Grandfather. I felt a connection with David from the moment his story unfolded!

Then there is Lucy, sweet, loveable Lucy. There were times, many times, I literally laughed out loud with the hilarious predicaments that Lucy found herself in.

"Like her mother, Lucy felt compelled to capture the world around her and preserve moments in time that would never be repeated. The only difference was their choice of expression." - Page 28

I enjoyed the history on photography - since I am a photography business owner:)  I also enjoyed all the other historical lessons throughout the book and the spiritual threads as well. It was fun how there were little mentions of companies that we still know and love. The romance between Lucy and David was sweet although very passionate at times. This story has everything- romance, mystery, suspense, and history!
I highly recommend A Vision of Lucy, along with the other Rocky Creek Romances.

ALSNS Grade - A++++++ (ok you get the point...I really like the book!)

ALSNS highly recommends this book!

Product Description
Trouble follows Lucy wherever she goes. So does a vision of second chances . . . and love.
Lucy Fairbanks dreams of working as a photographer at the Rocky Creek newspaper. Her deepest hope is that her father will see her as an artist, the way he thought of her deceased mother, whose paintings still hang on their walls.

But disaster follows Lucy on every photo assignment: a mess of petticoats and ribbons, an accidental shooting, even a fire.

When Lucy meets David Wolf-a rugged, reclusive man who lives on the outskirts of town-she thinks she can catch the attention of the town with his photograph. She doesn't count on her feelings stirring whenever she's near him.

Two things happen next that forever change the course of Lucy's life. But will these events draw her closer to God or push her further away? And how will David accept this new vision of Lucy?

Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (June 28, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1595548114
ISBN-13: 978-1595548115

*I received 'A Vision Of Lucy' for free from the publisher through BookSneeze®.com. The opinions I have expressed are my own.*

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cast all your cares on him...

"Cast all your cares on him for he cares for you"

Have you ever felt like the situation can't get any worse and just feel consumed, standing there watching things go from bad to worse hoping and PRAYING to escape this season, desperately wanting the bleak events surrounding you to just POOF disappear? Yeah, me too more times than I think my self and my family would care to relive. 

When I recall those horrible tragic events, what I'm going through right now just doesn't seen so bad. You know the saying "It could always be worse" It's true, I know it is true, but for some reason I cannot get my self out of this emotional funk. Blame it on the season change, blame it on my post menstrual hormones, nevertheless it is still there
"Lord please give me peace, Please help this bleak season to pass us by. Lord I KNOW that you are in ultimate and total control and I trust you LORD, the whole situation is yours, my life- our lives our YOURS Lord. Amen"

I've prayed that prayer a lot over the last few days, when we haven't received the phone call that was promised, then to find out that there was a miscommunication on their part not ours, or find out that yet another friend broke a agreement. 

Then I find my self yesterday reading a book, a true story about a mother who's son saw very ill and the doctors had NO IDEA what was wrong. Her and Her husband, knew that they were not in control and put their tiny baby in GOD's hands. Long story short. The doctors discovered what was wrong and that baby boy is now 10years old. In her moment of total and complete bleakness, she let go of trying to control the situation and let the Lord take over. This was her prayer that has been lingering in the back of my mind constantly since I read it. 

"Dear Lord. I can't do this anymore. I thought I could, but I am exhausted, and I've got nothing left. I give it to you, Jesus. I trust you Lord. I trust you." 

I think about how many times I have felt that same way and prayed that same prayer. In the plane waiting to land in LAX to go to my sisters baby funeral, or standing in the hospital room kissing my still born baby niece goodbye, or waiting on the phone call to see if my sister was going to survive. This was my prayer over and over again.

But now, waiting to get a phone call about a simple home loan refi, why do I feel like I cannot pray this prayer? As if, this situation is not worthy of a prayer like that. But the Lord tells us to "cast ALL our cares on him", not "just the really bad ones" Casting all our cares, that means the Amazing, the Good, the Bad, the Horrible, and the Bleak. 

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." 

1 Peter 5:7

Here I am, today giving all the glory to God. The good, the bad, and the ugly "cast all my cares on him, for he cares for me." I have learned over the last few days that no matter the situation seek the Lord, give up all to the Lord. It will be in good hands!

Right now as I write this my he - twin is extremely emotional, he has been for a few days, no matter what I do he is just so upset, I feel at a loss, I feel like I'm letting him down. I don't know what to do, or what is wrong. I suspect his 2 year molars are coming in, my poor little man is just so sad. I want to fix this but I find my self totally overwhelmed right now. "Dear Lord. I can't do this anymore. I thought I could, but I am exhausted, and I've got nothing left. I give it to you, Jesus. I trust you Lord. I trust you." Now we cuddle!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Review - The Waiting Place: Learning to Appreciate Life's Little Delays

The Waiting Place By: Elieen Button

Who is Eileen Button? She is part preacher's wife, part English professor and part newspaper columnist, living in the suburbs of Michigan. The essays in her first book, "The Waiting Place," gently ask us to redefine the way we think of waiting; waiting for the mail, for children to grow up, for a sign from God. Throughout, she reminds us that, as John Lennon sang, life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. 

I love when you read a book and you are just so stunned when you find out that you didn't find the book, but the Lord put the book there for you!  This past week I have found my seld in a sort of Limbo of life. It suddenly seems as if EVERYTHING is hindging on a few different events/oppertunities. It has become very emotional and overwhelming. So, in a moment of deep discouragement I picked up The Waiting Place.

Button writes from a VERY personal place, almost as if writing a letter to me personally, like we are long time friends! She shares funny details, with every word she connects with the reader in such a way that anyone can relate. I loved the way she described moment in her life she has been left waiting, usually with no control over the situation, she observes, she learns, she laughs, she makes notes for later, and when necessary, she cries. I have been in this place so many times in my life, yet always knowing that the Lord is in ultimate control!
After reading this book, I realize that Eileen Button is someone who would be a wonderful friend to have!
Eileen Congrats on your very first book! Well done.

ALSNS grade: A+
ALSNS highly recommends this book

Publisher Description
A collection of essays describing the beauty and humor that can be found in what often feels like a most useless state-The Waiting Place.

We all spend precious time just waiting. We wait in traffic, grocery store lines, and carpool circles. We wait to grow up, for true love, and for our children to be born. We even wait to die. But amazing things can happen if we open our eyes in The Waiting Place and peer into its dusty corners. Sometimes relationships are built, faith is discovered, dreams are (slowly) realized, and our hearts are expanded.

With humor and heart-breaking candor, Eileen Button breathes life into stagnant and, at times, difficult spaces. Throughout this collection of essays she contends that The Waiting Place can be a most miraculous place-a place where beauty can be experienced, the sacred can be realized, and God can be found working in the midst of it all.

Includes stories on waiting for:

the day to end
a place called home
the fish to bite
a baby's healing
church to be over
a husband's return
children to grow
a mother's acceptance
a loved one to die
As Eileen says, "To wait is human. To find life in The Waiting Place, divine."

Product Details
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (June 7, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0849946255
ISBN-13: 978-0849946257

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson, and was not required to present a positive review in return. 

Friday, October 7, 2011


 In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

My Answer...
Visit Ireland...So beautiful...I so badly want to go to Dingle Ireland: You can see it in the movie 'Leap Year'

Now it's your turn! Leave me a comment and answer the question too! The head over and visit Kailani and leave your link for others to find!
Happy Friday and Have a GREAT Weekend!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Way Back When-esday: Makes my heart Smile

Oh my goodness!!! My littles have gotten so big! 
ALWAYS ready with a smile!

My handsome Chubby little man!

AWE! My little angel! She is my beautiful girl!
2010 - 
Elias age 5 
The Twinbees age 5 months

Why don't you dive into your digital files and play along with Way Back When-esday?
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Makes My Monday: Pumpkins and Punkins!

HARVEST FESTIVAL at Green Bluff...

We look forward to it all year long! The first weekend of October! For the past 6 years we have gone to our Local Family Farms - Green Bluff and Picked Pumpkins! The Harvest Festival is OUR all time favorite family activity! We usually go at least 4 times in October...we just can get enough!!!

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Yay! Cheryl I'm finally Back - how I have missed Twinfatuation: Makes My Monday!