Monday, December 6, 2010

Review - Bebe au Lait


As all breastfeeding mom's know, babies don't care where you are or who you are with when they want to nurse...It doesn't matter to them if you are at home spending time with family, at a crowded resturaunt with friends or at church. As mom's we also know that that is ok! Babies don't need to care, they just need to grow:)

When my older son was a baby...He would want to nurse and no matter where we were I would have to excuse my self and find a room, chair or whatever where no one could see me nursing. If I did stay in the room, it would be with my mom or my close friend Sharon...even then I would cover with a blanket. As you can imagine, I would get back from nursing and feel totally lost in what was going on and very left out. I began to hate going to friends and families homes because of this. It really I am sure many of you know.

Along came the twins...:) I was ready to make sure this would never happen! I asked around to the very few Nursing Mama's of twins if they had any suggestions for nursing covers! 100% of the time I heard this " Hands down, Bebe au Lait or Hooder Hider"
What I think...
I recieved a Babe au Lait in Ascot for my review and I love it!
Having nursing twins you can imagine how excited I am to be doing a review on Bebe au Lait! I can't say enough about this cover! It is great for every possible situation you can think up! Sitting on the couch with friends...covered, Hanging out at a resturaunt with family...covered, Babywearing while shopping...covered! It is light enough to not bother my little ones but thick enough to keep them warm if it is a little chilly out! It even folds up and fit perfect in my ERGObaby carrier front pocket. The twins are both fully covered by the Bebe au Lait and they actually like it! Since they are a little older they like to pretend it is a tent, and honestly they play together under it when they are supposed to be nursing:) The Bebe au Lait is a fantastic size, it easily cover both babies.
Our family spends a lot if time in our Living room...that has floor to ceiling windows, that faces the street. Our street is by no means busy, but there are houses across the street. During the day I don't always want to leave the room when the twins are ready for nap time. Sometimes Elias and I are doing school or watching a movie. With the Bebe au Lait I can sit on the couch and nurse the babies while still playing with Elias. The Bebe au Lait truly is a win win in my book!

About Bebe au Lait and Hooter Hinder.
From: Bebe au Lait
Established in 2004 and initially known as "Hooter Hiders," Los Gatos, California-based Bebe au Lait develops superior-quality products that pair beautiful prints with luxurious fabrics to meet the needs of modern, active parents.
Bebe au Lait's first and best known product, its award-winning nursing cover, was born out of necessity when co-owner Claire Ekelund found nursing her infant daughter in public challenging. In partnership with her husband Ronnie, Claire developed the Hooter Hider: an easy-to-use, machine washable, multi-purpose, stylish nursing cover designed with baby and mom in mind. The nursing cover's unique design with its rigid neckline that promotes bonding between mother and child has been the recipient of multiple patents.
The Hooter Hider garnered immediate attention from stylish moms and celebrities across the nation, and in media such as US Weekly, People, Fit Pregnancy and

Closing thoughts...
Are you sick of leaving the room and missing out? The Bebe au Lait is perfect for you! I will happily recommend the Bebe au Lait to every nursing mother I know! It folds up very small so it is very easy to take anywhere. The Bebe au Lait would make a perfect Christmas Gift or Baby Shower gift!! The Babe au Lait and Hooder Hiders come in ton of different colors and patterns, so it is easy to show you style!

This Giveaway is now Closed! I hope you enjoyed the Review!

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