Monday, February 8, 2010

5 months old!!

38.1 Weeks
At home before their birth (over 58inches)

Happy Birth Day! Finally with my Babies for the 1st time

1 month old! They were so tiny!

2 months old! Napping always!

3 months old! Their 1st Christmas picture!

4 months old! Celebrating Big brother 5th b-day!

5 months! Having fun with each other, laughing at Mama!

Wow!! I can’t believe my twins are 5 months old today! It’s so crazy how fast time goes by!
They have changed so much in these 5 months
Before…wondering if they knew who I was, now they know that they know I am Mama!
Before…sleeping ALL day, now they are napping 2-3 times a day and always ready to play!
Before…all they could was just lay the, now they roll, try to crawl and laugh at everything!
They are even reaching for us when they want to be picked up, it is so adorable! They are always trying to get Big brother to play with them, they reach for the toys they want & throw the toys they don’t want down! They “talk” all day long with Mommy & Daddy, big bother…but mostly with each other, they defiantly have the “twin” connection! They always are wanting to eat “our” food but still enjoying their baby food! When I hear that they are awake and I go to get them, it is so funny, when they hear me & all I hear are little giggles because they know Mama is coming to get them! I has been a fantastic 5 months and I look forward to all the new changes to come, with my little handsome Prince & my little beautiful Princess!!

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