Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camping with Cloth!

Camping with Cloth Diapers!!

We have a camping trip coming up and we are so excited to get out of town for a while!I'm completely unwilling to buy sposies for your camping trip? I have no reason to use anything other than cloth, even if we are camping!! Plus like we want to spend extra money on something we truly don't even want!

Tips & Tricks
for Camping with Cloth

1. Does your Camp site, Cabin or Location have running water?

If it does your set. If not, consider filling a few
washed out milk jugs with water to wash your dipes.

2. Remember to pack so extra dipes!
You never know when a blowout will happen...or bad weather.
I like to take Prefolds, Fitteds & covers.
I tend not bring AIO, they are thick, harder to clean and dry.
3. Don't forget a clothes line and clothes pins!
I found mine at the Dollar Tree, or you could just use rope:)
Bring small plastic bags to dispose of soiled wipes.

5. Take a small jar: (like a baby food jar)
with some of your laundry soap.
To wash dirty dipes:

After cleaning/rinsing any soiled diapers,
add your diapers and a very small amount of
laundry soap to the Large zip lock bag.
Add water (add hot if you have hot running water)
until the bag is a 1/4 to 1/2 full. Zip bag closed,
then shake until you can't shake anymore.
Dump water, and fill it up again!
Do this 2-5 times to act as a rinse cycle.
I try to "rinse" 4-5 times to ensure all soap reside is gone.
This will take less than 10 minutes!!
After your diapers are washed and rinsed,
ring them, then hang them!

I know this is not perfect! But it gets the job done without a washing machine!!
Bonus!! you don't have to spend money on Icky Disposables..yay!!

Happy Camping!


  1. I admire you for camping w/ cloth diapers.

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  2. What a GREAT post! Thanks so much!!

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