Friday, October 8, 2010

BumGenius Artist Series!!

This week bumGenius came out with Tiny Socialite Collection bumGenius 4.0 Artist Series!! I am totally in love! Other than prefolds, BG's are ALL we use!! We love them! They look just as great as they did the day I got them in the mail. My twins are so cute in them! So needless to say I was stoked when BG came out with the Artist Series! They are amazing, funky, bold, everything that I want in a dipe!

So why am writing this you might ask? Well currently on the Cotton Babies blog there is a AWESOME giveaway to win ALL 5 of the Tiny Socialite Collection!!! Oh how I want to win!! All I have to do is answer a question to be entered!! So here goes nothing:) If you haven't used BG diaper I really want to encourage you to buy 1 or 2 or 12, they are the best! I promise you will be so happy you did! Ok so back to the question:

How do you encourage a creative, artistic spirit in your baby, toddler or young child?

we have 1 year old twins and a 5 year old son.

For all three we are always doing fun little this year for Madi Gras my older son made a awesome Madi Gras mask!!

For our older son we are always having him make up stories, songs (both singing and with the piano) He also really enjoys drawing, so I have him draw a picture of ANYTHING, then he makes up a story to go with his drawing! It's so much fun!

The twins are always wanting to do what big brother is doing:) So I always encourage them to color...without eating the crayons:) I have always sung to them and recently they have started singing...all the time! We are a musical family so every evening we put on music and just dance!!

Music, dancing, drawing, and making up stories are the way to go for my little one:)

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