Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall/Thanksgiving Fun for the Kids...and a few for mama!!

Are your kiddos like mine and LOVE crafts, drawing, painting, glueing and writing?

Here some fun things to snowing here so these are perfect for when they come in form the cold!!


Make sugar cookies as usual. Separate the dough. add food coloring to each...Red, Yellow, Orange and  Green. Smash the dough together gently to make a marbled look...roll and use your favorite fall leaf cookie cutters!! SO much Fun!

I love this!
check out the tutorial here!

find it full sized here!

find it full sized here!

Your kiddos will have a blast tracing their hands and feet! They will each have their very own one of a kind turkey! 

find tons more at ABCteach!

How about a little something for Mama?!?!
find 12 great printables here!

Stop by Pinterest boards...Join the pinning madness!! 

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