Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Focus



I haven't always been a planner and organization has not always come easy for would you be surprised to know that in the past I have had days totally full of choas?

I homeschool and I think to myself how on earth am I going to teach my children responsibility if mommy can't keep a organized schedule?

I married a man who is the most organized focused person on earth...thank you Lord for blessing me with this man!!! Over the years he has helped me become organized with business, schooling and even blogging!!

Organization come easier to me now but there are still times when I have to focus very hard on the task at had!

Comparison: first year of Homeschooling...utter chaos!! Horrible!
This year...organized and scheduled...we are having so much fun!

So, it all comes back to this...I cannot expect my children to be organized and focused when they see their mommy living in totally chaos...I'm glad I learned this sooner than later!


Five Minute Friday



  1. What a blessing that your man is able to bring out the best in you simply by being himself!

    Good luck with staying organized enough to show your children chaos is not a fun way to live.


  2. That is awesome your husband is able to help you grow in this area. And awesome you are choosing to grow to set that example for your children. Wish you the very best with this year of homeschooling!