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Mother's Day 2011 - Rebel Downtown Review


Lookin' for something fun? Well, Rebel Downtown has a great variety of bags for any occasion and style! This is a great place to find funky, handmade bags! ALL items are : serged, sewn and topstitched where needed, interfacing for sturdiness and stability, magnetic snaps.

Are you a Rebel??
Has this ever happened to you? You get all ready for Church, a evening out, or that long awaited Date with your wonderful husband, look and the Mirror and think, 'Hmmmm, I wish I had a cute hand bag or clutch for tonight.'

Ever since I was young I have LOVED LOVED LOVED, purses of all kinds! As a Mom it is something that is ALL about me...(Sometimes we need it to be all about us, right?!?)

Wallet Clutch: Rebel Downtown

My wonderful friend Laura shared a Facebook page with me: Rebel Downtown! The name alone made me curious:) I kid you not with one click I was in love! Bags, Purses, Clutches!! Yay! Created by a Mother, Rebel Downtown bags are not just ho hum bags, they are works of art! The Owner of Rebel, takes time to make her fabric selections, and care when making these amazing bags!

About Rebel Downtown:
Rebel Downtown
"Before Rebel Downtown was officially opened, I used to work at a fashion store. During the weekdays of my four hour shifts, I would admire the handbags that were all around the store. With a paycheck of a weeks worth, I would finally purchase my favorite bag. However, all these questions would go through my head "its too small, the material used is not my favorite, this bag would have been better if it was like that one, it's a little bit tooooo much." All this came to an end when my mother came up with the idea of making my own handbags that would fit my needs. I made a bag for different occasions and all my friends wanted a handbag that showed off their personality. Rebel Downtown has a handbag for any occasion and personality." - Owner and Creator of Rebel Downtown
Rebel Downtown

I spent weeks drooling over Rebel Downtown's beautiful, and funky fabrics! I would pick out my favorite, then she'd add new bags and I'd have a new favorite! Not only are these creations totally adorable and fun but ALL Rebel Downtown items are serged, sewn and topstitched where needed, interfacing for sturdines, stability, and magnetic snaps, to ensure the best quality possible!

Awesome! From Rebel Downtown

I was given the opportunity to review one of Rebel Downtown's amazing Clutches for ALSNS Mother's Day Gift Idea Guide! SO EXCITED!! First of all, the shipping was very fast. The Clutch came shrink wrapped in plastic then placed in a shipping envelope. Even though it was an ugly rainy day and our mailbox leaks, my stunning clutch was safe and sound...and BEAUTIFUL!


My Clutch!

When I opened...ok fine, when I ripped the shipping envelope opened I was speechless!! I knew what Clutch I was getting, the colors, the embellishments, I picked it because I loved it! What I didn't know was the size, I was expecting a clutch the size of a check book wallet, maybe a little bigger...but that is not what I got. The Clutch I got is HUGE! Measuring about 12 inches long and 5 inches tall, here I was thinking I was getting a little 5inch by 3inch wallet say the least I was thrilled! My Clutch easily holds, my Blackberry, checkbook wallet, lip gloss holder, compact mirror, and a Bebe au lait nursing cover! Yeah, I know...CRAZY big!

All filled up!!
Let me tell you a little about my Rebel Clutch! The first thing I noticed about it when I took it out of the package - after the size of course, was the quality of the fabric! This is just not some cheap thin dime store fabric, it is thick and lux! In addition, the craftmanship of the bag is amazing! Wonderful tight stiches making for very strong seams. The inside lining is a beautiful silky chocolate brown...which I love. Chocolate brown is one my favorite colors! The magnetic clasp is strong - big plus, I hate when the clasps pop chance of that happening with Rebel!! Then there is the lace flower embelishment on the front, all I can say is - LOVE! The fabric, lining and embelishments all go together perfectly, which tells me Rebel owner and creator cares about what the name Rebel is on! She clearly loves what she does and it shows!!

You know how a great pair of shoes can make an outfit go from ho-hum to fabulous?? That is exactly what Rebel Downtown bags do!

Is the Clutch not for you? No worries! Rebel Downtown has a number of different styles to choose from - Clutch/Wallets, the Tall Paul, Hobo and a Huge tote bag! You can even have Rebel Downtown make you a custom bag!!! They are tons of fun, funky, and unique fabrics to choose from!

If you are looking for a bag that stands out from all the rest - Rebel Downtown! If you want a bag that will turn heads - Rebel Downtown! If you are a little different and want a bag that shows who you are - Rebel Downtown!!

With Mother's day and Graduation just around the corner, I know that I am not the only one on the look out for that PERFECT gift for someone I love! Consider the gift of Rebel! And, hey - dropping a few hints to the Hubby wouldn't hurt either!
Want one or two or three yet?? Please be sure to like Rebel Downtown on FacebookGIVEAWAY!!!! Once Rebel Downtown hits 400 LIKES, She'll give away a wallet or purse! So suggest Rebel Downtown fan page to everyone and watch out for the free item! 83 more likes to go!

Check out Rebel Downtown on Etsy and The Brand New Rebel Downtown site!Rebel Downtown on Twitter!!

It's safe to say...
I'm a REBEL!!!

** HUGE thank you to Rebel Downtown for this awesome review!
The Clutch is amazing! I couldn't be happier!

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