Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crazy Wild Week - PART I

About two weeks ago I made the mistake of not closing my bedroom door. This wouldn't be such a big deal if we didn't have a bathroom in our Master Bedroom. guessed, the twins were in the bathroom throwing things in the toilet...UGH! After I removed them, which they were NOT happy about, I went to check the damage. They had dropped a glass Jewelry box in the toilet, and it broke allowing the metal bangle bracelets to fall out. Sooooo, I fished out I thought. EVERY time we flushed the toilet it would over flow. We knew there must still be something in the toilet. 'OUT OF ORDER' until we bought a new wax seal and my husband checked out...Yeah, but Tuesday night I forgot. It wasn't until the toilet almost over flowed that I remembered 'OH MAN!!' However, it didn't over flow!! It was about a inch from the the top...whoo hoo, dodged a bullet there! I turned around and headed to the living room to play with my children. Ten minutes later..."Do you hear that? I think the toilet is running" my husband said. "NOOOOOO!!!" I yelled as a ran back to our bedroom to find...2 inches of standing water, not only in our bathroom but half our bedroom. It was a mess and the water was ice cold! After turning off the water my husband ran a got our wet dry vac and I got the carpet cleaner, in hopes that they would suck up the water. Three longs hours later...SQUISH, SLOSH, SPLAT...still soaking wet. Oh, did I mention that the water leaked into our downstairs, but thankfully that was a rather quick dry up! Meanwhile, it was bedtime. My husband told me to try to get the twins to bed and he would keep on keeping on, what a great guy huh! Another hour later, our bedroom was 'sleepable' so we gathered our brood and headed to bed!

Since then we have pulled up the carpet, tried to dry the carpet and the pad. The pad is now gone, and the carpet is pretty much dry. Now we just need to decide what we are going to do come spring...because the carpet has got to go!!

As for the toilet...My wonderful husband bought a new wax seal, and removed the toilet, whole heatedly expecting to find a clog of some kind, but he found nothing...2 hours of snaking...nothing! He finally decided he was going to put the toilet back on. While picking up the toilet he heard a metal noise. There it was...jammed in the base of the toilet...a bracelet. Finally it was fixed! We have had happy flushing since!

So the lesson?? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave the bedroom door opened with Toddlers, always close the bathroom door & get good toilet locks they can't work!

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  1. Oh man!!!!!!!! You poor thing! I was going to message you just after reading this if you wanna have a play date soon. :) ...whenever your crazy life calms down a little. :) :::HUGS:::

  2. Your story made me giggle. I have twin brothers and when they were toddlers they flushed a kazoo down the family toilet causing it never to work right again.

  3. Ahh the joys of twins! Mine have learned how to escape all the barriers we've created to keep them in the front room. That allows them to access the toilet, and the dishes of cat food. I have gray hair from it.